8 Minutes To Sexy Legs (times 22)


verb \di-ˈstrȯi, dē-\

: to ruin the structure, organic existence, or condition of <destroyed the files>; also : to ruin as if by tearing to shreds <her muscles were destroyed>

My friend was going to try out 24hour fitness with me today (leg day). She is a new runner as of Spring 2010, so cross-training had not yet made it in to her routine.  That being said, I thought I would get my workout started before she got there. She had trouble finding the gym so she was an hour late.  That means I had been there for 1.75 hours already.  By the time I left I had been at the gym for just under 3 hours.

This is what I did.

10 min warm up – elliptical

4s 20R Seated leg press
4S 20R Seated hamstring curls
4S 12R Leg extension
4S 20R Romanian deadlifts
4s 20R Leg press

3S Super set:
20R one leg bridge on bench
20R hip extension (10/10 right left)

100 crunches

4S Super set:
20R Adductor 70#
30R Jump squats

10 min treadmill 6% incline

3S Super set:
30 sec lunges, quick pace
15 sec jump squats

30 seconds 3.5 @ 6%
30 seconds 6.0 @ 6%
30 seconds 3.5 @ 6%
30 seconds 6.5 @ 4.5%
30 seconds 3.5 @ 4.5%
30 seconds 7.0 @ 4.5%
30 seconds @ level 7
1 minute @ level 7, keeping RPM above 100
30 seconds @ level 9
1 minute @ level 9, keeping RPM above 100
30 seconds @ level 11
1 minute @ level 11, keeping RPM above 100
30 seconds @ level 13
1 minute @ level 13, keeping RPM above 100

2S 50R crunches
5:16:00 plank hold

50R swiss ball crunch
30R Swiss ball ham curls

I kept my pace pretty high with very little rests (walking to the next exercise was my rest), so I accomplished a lot and was very exhausted by the end. (obviously)

[Competition Training: 74 Days in / 22 weeks out]


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