Hot Like Me

“It’s not a competition against other people, it’s a competition with yourself”. I’m sure you’ve heard people say this before.  My trainer held a boot camp last Saturday for a mixed group (competitors and first timers) and she shouted that quote to remind us to go at our own pace, but to push ourselves.

CHEATING has been EASY TO AVOID this past week!  Abs are truly made in the kitchen – now that I’m really sticking hard to my diet again, the abs are quickly showing up and I LOVE IT (duh).  So now every time I get the munchies, its waaaay easier to ignore. All I have to do is lift up my shirt or put my hand on my abs to remind me that I want to keep it up (and get leaner!).  (last week it was the thigh grab that kept me goin, this week it’s the abs – whatever works, right?)

It’s a race against myself – I’ve got to do better – I can’t leave room for back sliding – I need to progressively improve.


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