Perfection’s Saving Grace

I am doing it! I am sticking perfectly to my meal plan for the first time in 3 weeks.  Monday and Tuesday were officially perfect.

People I blame for my success this week:

  • Luke, my husband. For watching a movie with me, or tickling me, or carrying me away over his shoulder every time I said “oh my gosh I’m so hungry”.  “Don’t think about it” he would say 🙂
  • Donloree @bikiniorbust and
  • Michelle @Fit_Michellebecause they always cheer me on and I know they will check up on me HA!

I OWE you guys!  Thanks for helping me make it these last two days!  I’m ready to keep this up. Let’s DO this.

My saving grace at the end of the day is day dreaming about the Smuckers sugar free blackberry jam that I will put on my whole wheat English muffin in the morning. #patheticfaith keith day dreaming about sugar free blackberry jam


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3 responses to “Perfection’s Saving Grace

  • michelle

    We are going to do great, and I’m not going anywhere so get used to the support! I am just a tweet or email away if you need any extra words!!
    We are here to support eachother!

  • bikiniorbust

    Not pathetic! I usually want to eat again right before I go to bed, then I remember how much I like my breakfast and convince myself that sleeping for a bit and then getting to eat it will be fabulous.
    Just like Michelle, I am here too! The three of us can be strong together!!!!!

  • Faith Keith

    You guys are awesome! I SO appreciate y’all’s constant support and encouragement! I always come away from your comments feeling like I can definitely do this.

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