Get Your Glutes Outdoors!

Girl doing side lunge - image from runnerspace.comThe weather continues to be absolutely perfect here, so I decided to take my leg/glute workout out of the gym and in my back yard.

The Workout

50 pushups and 5 jogging laps to warm up, then stretched
Performed the below exercises back to back with an occasional 10 second to 30 second rest if I was about to die 🙂
Walking lunges up and back no resting
Zig-zag lateral one-legged hop
20R Single-leg step ups (20 left, then switch) Do these slow so that when you come down, you don’t actually put ANY weight on the ground, just tap.
30 sec Jump squats
30 sec Jumping step up
20R Single-leg step ups (20 left, then switch)
1 minute Quick lunges (simulates jumping lunges without the jump)
10R Back, side, front lunge= 1R; 10R then switch legs
30 sec Jump squats
Sprint backwards while pulling 115lbs using wagon, yay hams and calves!
50 situps
We have 3 dogs and one of them really thought I was out there to play with him, so he ran and bounded right alongside me the whole time which was kind of fun :).

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