[REVIEW] SuperPump250

I have taken this before and it made me feel like a beast.
superpump250_Gaspari from bodybuilding.com
I ordered it again and last Tuesday tried 1 sample packet in a 6 oz glass of water, well-shaken (shake WELL or you might feel bloat-y), and did a full hour on arms and still had more to give (excerpt below)


Yesterday I took my SuperPump250 and was REVVING!!! I actually did a full hour of bis and tris (usually 40 min) and was ready to do a billion situps and run 3 miles. Unfortunately I had somewhere I needed to be so had to cut it short with only a 1 hour workout.  DEFINITELY going to use it again today for legs. RAWR!

Flavors I have tried:

  • Energizing Orange – 7/10 – good, but pretty tart and I get sick of orange flavored stuff pretty quick
  • Raspberry Lemonade – 9/10 – tastes almost like real raspberry lemonade except a bit more tart
  • Fruit Punch – 10/10 – tastes like kool-aid!


I have MAJOR crash about 5-6 hours or so afterward, but I am KILLING it at the gym, so I would be whipped anyway. It’s a pretty hard crash though haha so be ready with a cup of joe if you still have more work day after hitting a mid-day break at the gym. 🙂  I will probably up my dose to 2 next week. I am LOVING this stuff.

Any advice?

If you’ve tried this or something comparable let me know!  My trainer uses Jacked and claims it is more potent. If you’ve tried either of these please let me know your thoughts/experience. I’m curious to know what will fuel my workouts best.

Order Superpump250 at bodybuilding.com

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10 responses to “[REVIEW] SuperPump250

  • formernpc

    I ma using Jacked right now. I tend to shy away from the ones that have so much niacin in them it makes my skin crawl. Although I have to say after I take the Jacked my eyes burn for a few minutes…huh! I can’t take superpump…around our gym it is known as “SUPER-DUMP”…no explanations needed! LOL

    • Faith Keith

      HA! well interesting…I had never looked into the niacin element. Hmm I’ll be paying close attention to see if I notice any side effects. But as a replacement…burning eyes?? haha that doesn’t sound healthy 😛 I think may try it though after I finish this can of “Super-Dump” 🙂 thanks for letting me know!

  • Flex Williams

    Hey, i have tried SuperPump Max and it was pretty good, Gaspari sent me some samples, so i am not sure if it is in stores yet… As far as J3d goes i am with your trainer on that, i have been on it since i started my personal journey to keep/build muscle and lose fat and i love it…. I do not get a crash and my focus in the gym has never been better. But my goals were proly different from yours as you don’t have any fat to lose. I would defiantly recommend it based on my own personal experience check out my progress pics when you get a chance….

    • Faith Keith

      Awesome info! Thank you for taking the time to share – this helps. Great to know you didn’t have a crash afteward. I wonder how women like it. Have you heard anything? I’m going to definitely check this out and put it in my queue for purchase when I finish this can of SP250. Thanks again for the info!!

      • Flex Williams

        I have a couple bodyspace friends and a few women i know in real life who take it and they all say they will never go back to any thing else, but, we have honestly never really discussed weather or not they have crashed….

  • michelle

    I love jack3d – i have been using it for a few months and have felt like i can push heavier weights. Love it!

  • michelle

    Will do! 🙂

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