A Bullet A Day Keeps the Cheating Away

  • My husband (and family and friends) believes in me – cheating will cause me to let him down
  • We are paying for training (workouts and nutrition) – cheating will make this money go to waste
  • I have always wanted to do this – cheating will put me on stage knowing that I didn’t give it my best shot

These are the bullet points that are keeping me charged up today.


Bikini or Bust!

I had a great time keeping tabs on Donloree Hoffman‘s trek to her first competition.  She shared the ups and downs with great honesty, so when it finally came time for her show, we all cheered her on.  I am sure I speak for all her avid followers that we felt like we were apart of this journey and enjoyed basking in the glory of the day as she continued to tweet photos and status updates. I enjoyed learning from Donloree and was often revved with motivation after reading a post or tweet from her, but she became an inspiration for me when she pushed through the final 2 weeks after about a week of “freaking out” wondering if she could really go through with this competition (or postpone to another).   Had she not put her foot down and say ‘No, I am going to do this no matter what’, I can pretty much guarantee I would allow myself the same luxury come 04/02/2011 when I am supposed to compete in the Ronny Coleman.  But because she pushed on, I know without a doubt that as I approach my competition I WILL go through with it regardless if I feel unprepared.  Thank you, Donloree, for sticking with it! I will definitely be following you on your next journey to 2011!


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2 responses to “A Bullet A Day Keeps the Cheating Away

  • bikiniorbust

    You are way too sweet. Thank you for the nice words! You get to lead the charge of inspiration now as you come down the home stretch for you first competition!!! So proud of you!

    • Faith Keith

      Knowing that I have someone in my corner who knows the hardship I will go through to get there makes a world of difference. I’m ready for this fight, the battle of the wills! I’m braced to meet the challenges of competing with excitement and perseverance! Thanks for your encouragement – truly means a lot to me!!

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