Weighty Matters

[Competition Training Log Day 43]scale image from checkresveratrol.com

When I started training, Groshek weighed me at the gym after training in the evening.  122lbs.

This past week she changed my diet again and I showed noticeable improvement within 4 days.  The crazy/cool thing? I weighed in this morning at 121.5.  That means I am probably close to 125 in the evening! HAHA I’ve put ON weight, but I look leaner.  Love it!!

Fun reminder that the scale is not the best tool for measuring progress. 🙂

I weigh-in when she tells me, but I never let the results affect my understanding of my progress. I merely weigh to give the results to my trainer and mentally store the data for my curiosity’s sake.

For those of you trying to lose weight remember that the focus should be on changing your lifestyle, not the goal-weight.  The results WILL follow.   If you are actually told by the doctor to lose a certain amount of weight, I understand it’s hard to not think about that number, so USE IT as a motivation tool to push your lifestyle over the edge and make the goal happen.  We can do this!!

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