Finding The Secret Weapon To Triggering Motivation


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I asked my trainer “how did you get yourself to the point where you could really push yourself?” her response was that she was a gymnast since the age of 3, went competitive at about 7 years old – the trainers would push them so hard from day one so it was inbred that this is just how things are.  Bummer. haha what about us mere mortals?


Then, during my 3rd set of 50 push ups I was really starting to fail out.  She asked me in a fast voice , “how many is that”, “37” I managed to blurt.  She then said, “come on, that’s only a couple more to go.  Don’t give up. This is pushing yourself.” …and that, my friends, stuck with me.

Each exercise after that, I intently concentrated on form.  This in turn exhausted me a little sooner in a set, so I called upon the secret weapon “This is pushing yourself”.  And I chanted it with each near-failure rep until I completed the set.

I woke up today incredibly sore in the tiny muscle groups that I had been missing out on due to sub-par form.  I smile at myself knowing that this lesson will stretch me in all other areas of my life, including my pursuit of God.

“This. is pushing yourself.”

What’s your secret weapon?

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One response to “Finding The Secret Weapon To Triggering Motivation

  • ironmom

    Thanks Faith. Reading fitness blogs is my motivation. I enjoy yours and desire to push myself further and go where I have never gone before. Unfortunately, often I am my own obstacle. When you share about your struggles, I can relate as they are mine. Keep up the great work on your blog and thanks for sharing.

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