The Right to Bare Arms

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[Competition Training]

Shape those arms and get rid of the jiggle with a mix of cable, dumbbell and body-weight exercises to keep your body guessing.

Warm up

  • 50 push ups
  • 50 crunches on swiss ball

Circuit 1

  • 20R hammer curls with dumbbell (15#, 12.5, 12.5)
  • 50R dips
  • 20R skull crushers (10, 10, 10)
  • 50R drop sets 10/20/20: 15#, 10, 5
  • 30R Jack knife sit ups on bench
  • Note: repeat circuit 3 times with no rest between exercises. Rest 10-30 seconds between sets.

Circuit 2

  • 30R Tri pull down, rope attachment (45#,45,45)
  • 30R Hammer, rope attachment (35#, 25, 25)
  • 20R Tri extensions (50#, 45, 45)
  • 20R Cable curl, straight bar (45#, 45, 45)
  • Note: Repeat circuit 3 times, no rest between exercises, no rest between sets.

Jump rope 1 minute

30R Hanging leg raise – 2 sets

Circuit 3

  • 15R plank tucks with swiss ball (in pushup position with feet on swiss ball, pull ball in bringing knees to your chest, then roll back out into plank/pushup position = 1R)
  • 10R plank on swiss ball rolling to extend arms out and then pull back in (basically the reverse of the above = 1R)
  • Note: repeat circuit 3 times, no rest between sets or exercises

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