New Found Motivation

[Competition Training Log Day 36]LaraCroft image from

  • inflamed knees threatening to become full-blown tendinitis
  • horrible cheat day on Sunday
  • competition chosen
  • Shooter, Mark Wahlberg

Because of these things I have a new found motivation.  I am inspired to stop the cheats. I am allowed a cheat meal a week, but as I previously mentioned, I was feeling unsettled. After hearing what Donloree had to say in response to my query, I GET IT! Balance has been restored! Thank you Donloree!

Movies often inspire my fitness endeavors (like Tomb Raider or Blade). In the movie Shooter there was a scene that informed you, the viewer, that the female FBI agent always arrived at work earlier than everyone else, coffee in hand and ready for the day.  I was inspired by this young-professional’s motivation.  Made me remember that I do love waking up early to run before work and still get in before everyone else.  Looking forward to starting this back up and feeling energized for the work day.

Doc appt today for the knees! Woot!

What movie inspires you?


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