50 Push-Ups By October 15

[Competition Training Day 32]

It is fun REALIZING (finance version meaning feeling the affects, NOT  just being aware) that if I want to improve, the only way to do that is to push myself.  I know those stinkin’ push-ups are so stinkin’ hard and as a natural response, you do NOT want to do work.  But what a great feeling when I get it in my head “grow! improve! let’s go!”

My goal is to be able to do 50 push ups (without rest) (even if rest is in push up position).  Right now I am doing 50, but I usually cave at 25/30 before I have to start breaking after 10 or 5 or 15.  I try not to break for more than a second or 2 though, but I want to be able to do it all the way.  Goal date:  October 15, 2010

Can I do that?…that’s 4 weeks.  I wonder if that is reasonable…oh well 🙂 Guess I’ll find out!
Time to push it! Train time with the fabulous Susan Groshek!


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