[Competition Training] Day 29: Working Around Weakness

All weekend my knees have been absolutely KILLING me.  I’ve been taking Naproxen (anti-inflammatory) and, when I can, I’ve also been icing them.  Today is Leg-day and I am so discouraged because they STILL hurt.  My motivation levels are still high though.  After talking to my fitness-guru hubs we came up with a game plan.  Tonight I will probably be at the gym longer so that I can take my time trying 1-2 reps of leg exercises to figure out which ones hurt and which ones don’t.  Once I can hone that in I’ll tell Groshek so she can help me compile a good workout.  I already know that plyos are a very bad idea.  can barely bend.  Ergh…

We shall see…

Side note…still eating perfectly with the exception of a half of a small whole-grain blueberry muffin which is NOT on the meal plan.

Do you have any tips on leg routines?

This is frustrating for training progress, what can I do while my knees heal? Focus on upper body?

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3 responses to “[Competition Training] Day 29: Working Around Weakness

  • Nathan Hamelund

    lateral leg raises? Leg tuck and twist (well, that’s more for abs)…hmmm, there are a lot of good leg workouts, but I just can’t think of any at the moment

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  • Luke Keith

    If only they had a shaker weight for your legs… hmm….


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  • Faith Keith

    I asked irunnerblog for advice and this is what they said (FYI Marissa is the Sports Therapist for Runners):

    Hi Faith,

    Below is the response from Marisa, hope it helps!

    Yes, its called stop running so much, and get it treated. Tendonitis is your bodys way of telling you that you can’t get away with it anymore! Too tight too tired, too many miles and the health of the tissue is in jeopardy!

    Unfortunately, that’s the real deal! If it keeps coming up you aren’t addressing it. You can’t just treat it a bit when hurts, its like taking antibiotics until the jar is done…you have to do a full course of treatment so it goes away for good, and run less so it heals!

    It usually means you are doing more than you should 😦

    Scott Miles

    blog: http://www.irunnerblog.com
    twitter: http://www.twitter.com/iRunnerBlog

    Bummer!! I was afraid she would say something like that…*sigh*
    I decided though, after reading that email, that I WILL get on the therapy – she has now scared me into losing my legs for life, so I’ll stop running and do a full healing process.

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