[Competition Training] Day 25: The Ghost of Injuries Past

image from irunnerblog.com the greatest running blog out there!Due to work-staff situation, I had to cancel training to help cover the workload. I was really disappointed, but later realized it was a God-sent. My knees have been aching since last week all of which I am sure is as a direct result of pushing harder AND adding the new cardio program to my routines. I laid off of them for a day and even choose to wear flats on date night, but I woke up with it hurting worse. Hopefully it will oil up later in the day.

[gross story alert!]

The injuries…I hurt both knees twice on 2 separate occasions. (If you haven’t noticed, I love sports till it breaks me :)) The first time was while I was running down the soccer field and there was a hidden rivet in the ground. My left foot came in hard to the rivet causing my left to overextend while my right leg, in attempts to catch myself, tore the ligaments on the outside of my knee.  The second time was an over-use because I absolutely love to run.  The weather was amazing so I was running every day, every where, and not keeping track of my mileage. I developed severe tendinitis.  I am paying for my negligent abuse. *sigh*

Moral of the story…train hard, but use your brain too.

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