[Competition Training] Day 23: Upper Body Is No Joke

The weather is crazy in these parts! As a result of the weather-traffic, my trainer was not going to be able to make it in time.  So, she sent me a workout plan and it went something like this…

Warm up

50 pushups Completed!

50 situps Completed!

Circuit 1

20R Shoulder press machine 40# There was no shoulder press machine so I had to use free weights: 20R: 16@20#,4@17.5# | 20R:4@17.5#, 16@15# | 20R: 3@15#,17@10#

20 Lat pulldown 60# Completed! (but increments were different, so I had to use 55#)

20R chest press 20# Completed!

Circuit 2

15/15 Dumbbell rows 15# Completed!

20 Incline bench press 12 or 15# Completed with 15#!

20 Side Lateral Raise 5 or 8# Completed with 8#!


3S 30R Supermans Only 2 sets because my back was cramping.  still weak from breaking my tailbone

100 crunches Completed!

I got home and was really wanting something SWEET! I have no idea why…that’s not normal for me.  I ate my fish/veggie dinner and left for Bible Study hoping I could ignore it.  While I was at the coffee shop my eyes kept catching signs like “fudge” and “petit fours”.  When I got home from Bible study I stared at my freezer thinking about how delicious and satisfying an ice cream sandwich would be with a cup of coffee.  I decided to try to ignore it and go upstairs like a good girl and just get ready for bed.  As I was getting set to take a shower I looked at my abs and the planets aligned and balance was restored – I was so glad that I did NOT eat the ice cream sandwich. LET’S DO PROGRESS!


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