[Competition Training] Day 17: Bis and Trics and Abs, Oh My!

Love the supersets.  Warmed up with 15,15,15,15,15,15 pullups, dips (assisted).

15R Hammer curls with dumbbells (10# ea hand)

15R Skull-crushers with dumbbells (10# ea hand)

20R Cable Bent-over Triceps Extension (with rope attachment) (30#)

15R Cable one-arm curl (20#)

Instructions: Repeat circuit 3 times, no rest


30R crunches (30 sec rest, repeat 3 times)

20R Sit up with single-leg raise

1 minute plank hold

2 minute plank hold

Felt really good after this workout.  Fatigued but not death-fatigue.  I know I am still weak, but I can tell I am getting stronger.  I have a cardio program forthcoming from Groshek. I am expecting nothing less than hell ^_^.


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