Exertion Headache Experiment

Splitting Headache

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I’ve been having headaches almost immediately during training.  If the warm up is on the treadmill I don’t get the headache until the first exercise, but if the warm up is double lunges or 50 pushups, I feel it within seconds of beginning.  Wondering if I am experiencing an exertion headache.

Today I am going to experiment to combat these headaches until my body is conditioned for the strenuous training.

  • 1:45p  1 Naproxen (NSAID)
  • Consume 1/2 gallon before 5.30pm (training start time)
  • 4:30p 1 Naproxen (NSAID)
  • 4:30p 200mg Caffeine pill

Tonight will try to get to bed earlier and see if it helps for tomorrow’s training

#FAIL naproxen only helped my on going headache (probably allergies), but did not help during workout.  Caffeine kept me up till midnight #doh!


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