[Competition Training] Day 16: Stronger and Longer!

Today she started correcting my posture, she also paid a lot more attention to form and positioning of my grip so that I am evenly working out.  When she started correcting me I got so excited.  LOVE THIS!  I am definitely feeling stronger each week.  We also worked out for a full HOUR!! Awesome!! (we’ve been working up to this)

Headache was crazy bad at first.  I noticed she dropped a lot of my weight from 60 to 45 this time and I think that helped bring my headache down to a 4 from a 7 (10 being I’m not going to workout anymore).

I’m still eating perfectly, so if/when I see a doc I will definitely be able to tell him everything I eat.

Warm up

30 push ups

30 crunches

Circuits are always repeated 3 times each without rest

Circuit 1

20R seated row (60#, 60, 60)

15R inverted row (body weight)

20 military press (45, 45, 45)

Lat pull down (45, 45, 45)

Circuit 2

15R pushups

20R Underhand standing row with squat (60, 60, 60)

20R Shoulder press (10, 10, 10)

20R Flys (10, 10, 10)

20R Chest press (30, 30, 30)

20R Underhand lat pull down (45, 45, 45)


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