[Competition Training] Day 15: Evil Has A New Name, Plyometrics

warm up sprints

2 levels platforms jump squats (20, 10; 10, 10; 10, 10)

single leg press (90#,65)

leg raise

platforms jump squats (20, 20, 20)

jump squats (50, 30, 30)

pop squats (30, 30, 30)

single leg squat (10, 10, 10)

The headache is still getting to me…it could be that I am just not yet conditioned for the vigorous workouts, but we are going to try to rule things out. She tweaked my pre-workout meal and I am going to belly-up on water.  We will see if that helps today.

What I think about Plyometrics

Plyos are fantastic. I love them because I can feel myself working hard. My whole body gets in on the action. They are brutal though because human instinct says “hey, I’m exhausting myself you better stop or you won’t be able to function”.  My trainer, Susan, is good about reminding me “its all in your head, you can do this”.


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