[Competition Training] Day 12: Oh Geez…

Oh boy…making time for running today will be a toughie.  I’m so exhausted!  <–pshhh EXCUSES…(yes, I am talking to myself…live..on a blog…)

It’s 5:00 and I’m leaving work.  I have dinner to cook (Bacon wrapped steak fillet with roasted garlic broccoli for the husband….grilled tilapia and greens for me), my cousin is in town who I have been needing to spend some serious time with, and I have a coffee meet-up with friends tonight.  I could run in between events and risk losing the good-hair-day I’m having (plus risk shortening available time since I’ll have to shower)….or I could run late tonight…but I have gym in the morning….AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! dilemma.  As my dad would say, “sounds like a personal problem”


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