[Figure Training] Day 9: What Is This “Limit” You Speak Of?

day 9 - Amateur Bikini Competition Training30 minutes of running and then upper body.  Can we say major fatigue?

I love training! It feels so great to be working towards a goal.  While I was busting my butt during a set, my trainer said “just think about strutting that butt on stage in front of eeeeeeveryone to see. [walks as if on stage and turns to strut] Now come on! dig!”

Sometimes she’s nice to me, but she ALWAYS pushes me.  I have learned so much about my body and its capacity.  I have now pushed my body beyond where I thought my limit was and still had more to give.  I would have never discovered that without Susan.

My new mentality about my limit or “my done point” is…collapsing. If I have not yet collapsed or I can still grip or still push the weight, then I still have more to give.

Pressing on with excitement and perseverance.

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