[Figure Training] Day 8: MOTIVATION LEVEL 1,000

My second hit of Monday-leg-day with Groshek.  Going into it my hamstrings were still sore from total body day, but I tried to belly up on water and massage them throughout the day. They were not THAT sore, but I just knew Groshek would load me up today.

Meals are keeping me full, but I do get hungry as it draws near the 3rd hour mark!  It’s really enjoyable and at the same time very torturous to be eating perfectly.  I can feel the difference though. Big time. It’s like having a million tiny ears listening to every part of my body and telling me whats going on.  I know when I need water or protein.  I know if I need to eat more greens. I can feel it.  Even my joints feel different.  I FEEL GREAT!

News Flash! I just learned that she forgot to tell me I get a cheat meal.  Suddenly my desire for a Twisted Root burger [best burgers in Texas] went down to bearable.  I am not craving it so badly as before.  It’s as if now that I know I can cheat, it makes me want to be better than that. MOTIVATION LEVEL 1,000


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