[Figure Training] Day 6: Full Body Domination

Saturday was a fun day – she started me out in the heat – there is a huge garage like part of the gym that is basically outdoors. The garage door is open to let some breeze in, but no-A/C.  The ground is that faux turf used on football fields (with painted lines too!) and is used by sports teams in the area for practice and sports camps.  About 20 minutes into it, she took me back into the gym (I probably looked as bad as I felt, haha).  I think the intensity was worse than the heat – I didn’t mind the heat – I enjoyed the feeling of sweating profusely from working hard. RAWR! Love it!

FAILURE ALERT: On Sunday, I was stuck away from home without meal #3, so my husband had to just grab me a chicken sandwich loaded with veggies and peppers, hoping it was an ok alternative. I’ll be confessing this to Groshek on Monday….*shiver*…

In my defense…just so you know I DID plan ahead…I just have a bad memory when I’m rushing out the door. Need to make sure it doesn’t happen again. [I thought I had brought the fixings for Meal #3, but I had accidentally left it at home. fail.]

The following performed at high pace, no rest:

Sled (1plate) – up and back

walking lunges – up and back

10 push ups

Sled (1plate) – up and back

lateral squats – up and back

30 body weight squats (high pace)

20 jumping jacks (20lbs)

20 sit ups

2 min plank hold


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