[Figure Training] Day 4: I Pretty Much Eat Punishment for Lunch

Today the workout was mid day – 1:30.   Less crowded than the usual after-work gym-time, as expected. I loved working out at this time because it is smack dab between two meals, so I have food before and food immediately after.  The 5:30 gym time is awkwardly right on top of a meal time slot. Will probably try to adjust.

I’m still eating perfectly, but the breakfast is torture.  Right now I find myself pounding my fist up and down against the table as I try to chew faster to get to the swallowing.  Looking forward to the day when swallowing egg whites and oats will be mindless.

I couldn’t find her so I hopped on the treadmill thinking maybe she wanted me to do cardio first. Only to find out (1.5 miles into it) that she was looking for ME and no get off that treadmill.  #oops

Circuit #1 (repeat 3 times)

15 Pushups

15 cable pushdown (with rope attachment)

15 cable curl

Circuit #2 (repeat 3 times)

30 dips

15 skull crushers

15 hammer curls


30 sec hold – Push up position

60 sec plank (repeat 3 times)

I’ve never done exercises till LITERAL failure before. I’ve kept going till there’s no way I could lift a single rep again, but never till my arms actually gave out on me involuntarily! AWESOME!

“This is Awesome.” “Why am I doing this?” –my thoughts



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