[Figure Training] Day 3: Whaaaa??

Definitely adjusting to the meal plan, although the eggs and oats in the morning get me gagging as I try to swallow.  I think I may make the eggs without salt and pepper to see if they can go down easier.  I love eggs, but 5 egg whites is rough.

Enough of the sissy talk! My workout….

30 min cardio then upper body, 3 rounds of each 2 circuits (no rest between exercises), then abs.

Circuit #1 – Repeat 3 times

  • 15R push ups (15, 15 with feet on bench, 15)
  • 15R seated rows
  • 15R wide grip lat pull down
  • 15R lateral raises [side-front=1 rep] (5lb, 10lb(5)5(10), 10(5)5(10))

Circuit #2 – Repeat 3 times

  • 15R burpees
  • 15R incline bench press
  • 15R high row
  • 15R cable upright row

When she had me doing sit ups, she told me my hands had to hit the top of the counter or it didn’t count.  After working my shoulders and back I could barely lift my arms.  My sit ups ended up being FAST-sit-up, then THROW arms up to counter haha.  It was a bit dangerous driving home.  For those of you in Plano, stay off 75 between 2:30 and 2:45 as I drive home from the gym today :P.

During the second round of Circuit #2 I really thought I was done.  Surely she would see that I could not lift another pound.  As I pushed the last rep on the upright row she said “alright. One more. Let’s do it again.”  I thought “whaaaaaaa?!” But if she said one more, then that means she knew I could keep going.  I actually completed the circuit!! I did feel her give assistance on the bench and high row, but I was still working so hard.  The whole time I thought “my competitors are ahead of me already, they are already training harder than me”.  It’s funny too because part of me is like, “THIS IS AWESOME” while the other part of me is asking, “Why am I doing this??…”

Do a Burpee 🙂


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