Meal Plan: Week 1+

Getting the bio clock on a consistent schedule. Training the ol’ metabolism!

Meal 1:
4 egg whites 1 whole egg
½ cup oatmeal

Meal 2:
1 cup Greek yogurt with ¼ cup berries

Meal 3:
Salad with 5oz grilled chicken with any veggies on it. (No crouton, bacon bits or creamy dressings)
5oz chicken and green veggies

Meal 4:
Protein shake with 1 tbsp PB
3oz. protein and Piece of fruit or 1/2 piece of fruit. Stick with red apples, pears, berries

Meal 5:
5oz white fish (tilapia, orange roughy, cod, and halibut. Salmon can be once a week)
Green veggies
3-4oz sweet potato

Meal 6:
5 egg white omelet
You can have spinach and other veggies in it.


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