[Figure Training] Day 1: Legs


Today was my first day training with Susan Groshek! I came very close to death.  We started out with about 5 minutes of fast walking for a warm up on the tread mill (approx 3.5mph) then walking lunges across the gym then double walking lunges coming back (each lunge comes up and then back down twice before taking another step), then 20 squats, then 20 leg raises, then 30 jumping lunges (the last 15 I did as jumping squats).  All this at a HIGH pace with no rest. That was one circuit and I was due 3! I almost blacked out on her and a quarter of the way through the second circuit I was very confident that I was going to vomit across Jerome’s gym.  I couldn’t see where the women’s locker room was, so she had to take me.  Susan of course encouraged me saying that the first day is the hardest and legs are the worst and also added that everyone goes through this the first time.

She gave me a meal plan that includes my vitamins, supps, and even the amount of water to drink.  I will be following it to the T. I don’t want to stay at this condition level. Eek.  The meals are intense –I took one look and thought “Day one’s meals could feed me for a week!!”

My first day was awesome.  Brutal, but exactly what I wanted.

This is going to be a fun ride 🙂


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