My First Time

I LOVE SPORTS! The higher the propensity for disaster, the better! Let me tell ya, mountain biking was nothing short of exhilarating fun! It was my first time out on my new mountain bike AND my very first time actually off-roading. I had the time of my life running into a tree (which saved me from falling down a 5 ft trench), plummeting into a creek, nearly knocking 4 [very, very friendly and understanding] bikers off the trail, and trying to keep up with my kid sister, who is the dare-devil herself. I was a clueless newb trying to stay alive. Now THAT’S sports. Needless to say…I’M HOOKED!!

We road a trail at Rowlett Creek.  Apparently on Wednesdays [at 6:00?] there is a guy who teaches beginner off-roading. DEFinitely check out this trail!

mountain biking for fitness

Me. Pre-doomsday


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