Sleep V. Life

I am trying to be purposeful with my sleep schedule, but I must admit I am failing miserably.

man yawning

image from green-alliance uk

My life does not have a perfectly routine pattern, so it is very difficult to

hit the sack at a specific time each night.  I know it is vitally important to my health, metabolism/weight loss, and fitness, but life happens. *sigh*

For now, since I can’t go to bed at the same time every night, I am decidedly waking up at an hour based on when I went to sleep.  I can’t just drop everything in my life just so that I can get good sleep for my fitness sake.  I would if fitness was my career.  But I will certainly hold to the understanding that sleep is important for my health. Be purposeful in getting good sleep.

Make time for sleep. Be purposeful! 🙂

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