Restaurant Food: Ignorant Bliss

I love to cook.  No, I don’t think you really understand…I LOVE to cook.  And I cook all the time.  I cook twice a day to make the 5 meals I eat.  Love it.  Because I am in the kitchen a lot, when I DO eat out, I see [almost] everything.  I see the oil they basted the grilled salmon in, I see the nutrient-empty, over-steamed broccoli florets, I see the butter in my brown rice….I see fitness-ambushers! Haha!  Don’t get me wrong, I have my occasional outings when I indulge in green tea ice cream, or garlic mashed potatoes, or white pasta in garlic lemon cream sauce.   My husband and I are less likely to go out to eat, because you really cannot get the same level of nutrient packed foods at a restaurant.  You have to remember that they are stocking and cooking for the masses.  They have to do what it takes to prepare great tasting food, their job is not to make sure you are staying on fitness track (that’s your job 🙂 ).

So, just because it is a healthy option does not necessarily make it healthy, it’s just healthier. I encourage everyone to cook at home! It is hard to get in the habit of assuming you will cook (and get over the idea that it is a chore) and you WILL STILL have lazy days where you just need to order to-go, but all-in-all, you can be healthier and leaner if you are controlling your ingredients.  Try something new! Eat at home tonight!

Bon appetite!

My favorite to-go item: Pei-Wei Thai salad rolls
My favorite cheat food: 80% Cacao chocolate
My devil-may-come food: pizza

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