21-Day-Recovery-Project: Day 21!! (posting a little late)

Posting regularly has been difficult since I’ve been back at work. Schedule has gotten pretty cramped. Here we are on the final day of my 21-day project! 6 weeks from the date of my injury! Bones take approximately 6 weeks to heal, but I am still feeling the achy-ness of recovery and am still not able to sit without a pillow or run. Maybe its because I tore or strained some ligaments in the process of braking that bone off.

Here was that original list:

  1. Finish Echo painting for mom Done!
  2. Start creepy-circus painting Done!
  3. Tune and learn one solo piece on the cello
  4. Put London scrapbook together for Mother’s day gift (hmm…need to get a scrapbook and lignon free tape) Began, but incomplete
  5. Make a list of supplies for brother’s graduation table Done!
  6. Contact church youth to make sure on schedule for Youth Sunday Done!
  7. Brainstorm how to finish the “green” painting for Phil. house
  8. Sort pictures for wedding album project
  9. Work towards pull-up goal of…10… (that’s reasonable right? in 21 days?) NOT REASONABLE haha….but I did make progress
  10. Write a letter to each missionary we are supporting
  11. Our taxes & come up with a new system to track expenses so that 2011 taxes will be cake Done! and Done!
  12. [Daily] Study Psalm 63 Did this! (But there is way more to study in that passage)
  13. Make real crepes
  14. Write an email to my mom in her native tongue [Ilonggo]
  15. Go through closet for items we don’t wear –send to the Philippines Done!
  16. Build something out of wood
  17. Make paper
  18. [Daily] Learn and use one vocab word that I have never used before Done!
  19. Make new pillow cases (ours are on the fritz)
  20. Not be shlubby even though I’m just at home Dressed cute every day! Should have been doing that all along…never stop impressing the hub 🙂
  21. Plant an herb garden Done! Parsley was a fail, but my basil is sprouting!
  22. Learn a tango piece on the piano Began, but not ready yet
  23. Read “A Severe Mercy” by Sheldon Vanauken (been trying to get to it since last fall) Nearly…will hopefully finish it soon…
  24. [Daily] Isometric exercise Did this nearly every day, with the exception of pain days
  25. [Body allowing] Grill out! May do this soon! Weather is rainy this weekend, so maybe next weekend…

Broken tailbone got me down and pouty, so I started the 21 day streak of getting over the despair. #injuryrecovery at its finest!
Days since injury: 42 (somewhere my count got off…)


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