21-Day-Recovery-Project: Day 5

Loving the chance to focus on my upper-body strength, something that’s taken a sideline to my half marathon training.

Starting work on my next art piece.

Off-day (Always important to honor the off day. if you miss a day in your workout, don’t think, I’ll just make up for it by skipping my off day. WHY? training is way more a mental challenge than you think. Honoring the off day will train you to push it hard in the few days you have to work out because you will know you have that off day coming up. The rest day is just as important as your training days because your body needs a good solid recovery day.

Meal 1: Power Protein Shake (Banana, chocolate protein)
Meal 2: N/A – hard to squeeze that in during church
Meal 3: Unfortunately not good selection at the Church potluck lunch, so after the lunch we rushed home and sauteed some chicken in onions and a bit of soy sauce, garlic salt and cracked pepper
Meal 4: Vanilla protein with frozen strawberries
Meal 5: Easter dinner at the in-laws. Prediction: Grilled chicken, salad with avocado (I’ll edit this note if this is not what happens, but I can promise you I’ll be eating healthy)
Meal 6: N/A

Broken tailbone got me down and pouty, so I started the 21 day streak of getting over the despair. #injuryrecovery at its finest!
Days since injury: 24


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