Recovery Day 17: It’s 7:00 Already?!

When you make a rule for yourself to help reach a goal, it is vital that you stick to it. That is why I am so against making a lot of rules like “no carbs” or “no gluten”. Rules that facilitate a healthy lifestyle are what you should aim for, not trendy or short-term rules.

I recently [re]started the “no eating past 7:00” rule. Your metabolism is not constant and as it nears the end of the day, it begins to slow down (WAAAAAY before you even think about sleep). When I was weight training for growth, it was important to just eat good and at regular intervals. However, without the ability to workout (other than minor isometrics) I have to sing to a different tune.

It’s rough. I get the munchies around 10:00 (my 3 hour mark) and it is torture! I must say…I am a glutton for punishment.

Dinner tonight was leaner than usual…on accident…I snacked on an avocado and orange-oats smoothie and then before I knew it, it was 8:00! ack! I missed dinner!….If I were training, I would eat anyway, but my body does not need it, so……..torture tonight and lots of water.


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