Hold Still, I’m Working Out

Hello, isometrics!

I am slowly gaining a bit of mobility, but it comes and goes or varies from day to day. HOWEVER, I wanted to share the concept of isometric exercises. I am starting to implement these when I can. Maybe you’ve tried yoga…remember the burn during your yoga class? Yoga uses isometrics to build strength alongside flexibility.

Since I can’t do anything that will push or pull muscles or the tissue surrounding my tailbone, I have to be careful about which muscle groups to do.

I just started implementing these 2 very doable and very effective exercises:

1. Ab contractions. While sitting upright, I focus on every area of my abs and contract and hold for 10 seconds. Then release. Repeat 100 times. I really try to focus and think intentionally “obliques, check….center, check…upper, check….lower….CHECK…THEN i start counting to 10). I used to do this while driving 🙂

2. Thighs. Since I already cannot straighten my back, I just bend my knees into a mid squat and focus intentionally on my quads, hamstrings, inner thighs, gluteus max. Hold for 30 seconds, then release. Approx 10 sets.

Training never stops! Don’t let anything get in the way of your fitness goals–you can do it!

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