No Excuses Training Streak

I am on Day 20 of my 40 day training streak. “No-excuses Training Streak”**. The habit of not allowing anything to get in my way of my training is formed! I had one of those “I just want to get into my sweat pants” days, but I donned my running shoes without a grunt! What a great feeling.

Two weeks ago or so the half marathon became this daunting cloud of doom, but after Thursday’s run (Day 16 of No-Excuses Training Streak) I felt very confident – I am ready!! Bring it on, Austin,TX!

**A runner I follow on twitter, @libbyruns, inspired me to start a 40 day training streak of no excuses. I really enjoy being on twitter,, and this blogsite because it allows me to connect with other like minded people. Staying connected with like-minded people is one of the key elements to staying motivated.

Stay motivated everyone! Keep your goal in front of you!


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