Back from the Crypt

I have not posted since New Year’s but I certainly have not slacked on training!

Still working on my goals!

Goal 1) Run a Half Marathon. I am registered for the Zooma Austin Half March 27!

Goal 2) Cut spending a bit. I am now on a cash system for groceries only. I am focusing on one category at a time. For now, it is grocery. We spend most of our money on food (grocery and eating out), so this seemed like the worst/best place to start.

Goal 3) Be more available to dote on the husband. I’ve been trying to get better sleep so that I can be strong with each new day, instead of dragging all week and HOPING to recoop over the weekend. On date night, I actually leave work early, so that I have time to run, shower, and relax before the husband gets home. It’s been fun focusing more energy on being selfless with regards to energy.

Hope everyone has kept up their New Year’s Resos so far!! Keep at it!!


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