H.I.T. 30 day – a magazine transformation experiment

I LOVE fitness magazines. Not those sissy ones like Oxygen or Fitness or even Women’s Health (I don’t mind Women’s Health but it no longer suits my level of “gusto”). I’m talking about Muscle and Fitness Hers and Fitness Rx for women. I frequently come across those transformation articles and typically glean pointers or exercises to tweak or revamp my routine. While I was on my flight to NY I was reading one such article, Fitness Rx for women December 2009 “H.I.T – High Intensity Training This Holiday Season”. In pages following there was also a 30 day Nutrition Plan. I am already eating pretty closely to the Nutrition Plan and pushing the cardio very similarly to the HIT recommendations, but I wondered what if I followed this to the letter?! What would happen?… So I made the decision that upon my return home I would immediately implement this experiment. I arrived home too late on Monday to go grocery shopping, so after work last night, I made a bee line for the grocer and picked up my week 1 items along with my husband’s meal plan list (which is obviously very different…I am not a bodybuilder).

I have my foods and I have been totally enjoying the 3 hour eating. This is a change to my usual, which is eating every 2-3 hours in small portions…now I am eating larger portions (still small) but only every 3 hours. I need to tweak this because today I have felt way too full each meal and I am only on meal 3 so far.

You can follow my progress at musclemonkeys.blogspot.com where I will post the grocery list for each week. I will be logging (and documenting progress) my workout plan and meal plan here which is following the articles in Fitness Rx for women December 2009. See pages 60 & 82.

This will be a challenge to start right in the middle of holidays, but I am revved! This should be awesome fun.


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