My First 10k

Arbor Day

6.2 miles on a brisk Texas November morning.

The funny story:   I went to the wrong park, so when I finally arrived it was 15 minutes after gun time. I made it just in time before they shut down the start line and clock entries. Since I was so far behind everyone I was alone for the last third of the race (for most of the race everyone was passing me on their turn-around). The staff unknowingly picked up the cones a little prematurely, so I GOT LOST!! I ended up finding my way back and completed a little over 7 miles when all was said and done. I made better time that I thought and never stopped running. This was an awesome experience for me – my first race over a 5k and my first race that I was able to maintain a running speed the entire time. This is progress and is so exciting.

My next race is an 8 miler…and I cannot wait!


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