Still Coughing, Still Training

Ack! Silly cough won’t leave me alone!

Yesterday, was speed training. I just ran 2 miles but shaved 6 minutes off my time. *awesome*

My legs were feeling pretty tight/knotty…I think I need to learn how to massage my muscles. Or get a membership to Massage Envy…

Friday night is my final run day before the race and is also the night before the early morning race. I am debating whether to opt out or to do an easy jog. I would prefer to at least jog, but I want to be as strong and rested as possible. *debating*

I’ve been eating a lot of fruits lately, which has probably increased my sugar intake, but oh well.

I have tweaked our menu to replace turkey for beef. I still will work in maybe 1 meal a week to have ground sirloin or grass-fed 98% or a super lean steak. Our meats have been mostly chicken and turkey – ground, sliced, whole, baked, sauteed, grilled, broiled, stir-fried…you name it! Going on 3 weeks of the meat transformation and haven’t had a boring meal yet!

I’m still secretly waiting for some *physical* signs of fitness improvement. ^_^ Would be nice, but interestingly, I’m staying motivated by the seeming lack of progress.


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