Diet and Traveling

This past weekend I went on a road trip with Luke and Steve. Being guys, I knew they would be eating a lot along the way, so I packed some healthy snacks to keep me away from their foods. I also brought some low cal, no-sugar munchies that are not too unhealthy for those moments when I would REALLY be tempted by their chex mix or bag of Cheezits.

My snack foods:
Sugar free wafers: Vanilla, Chocolate, Mocha
Quaker Rice Cakes
Smart Foods White Popcorn
Sugar free gum
Sugar free Red Bull

Their snack foods:
Traditional Chex Mix
Bold Chex Mix
Diet Dr Pepper

I did pretty good on my eating!! Stayed pretty true to my diet with a few minor exceptions – I had a waffle for breakfast with my cereal on Saturday, a waffle for breakfast with my oatmeal on Sunday, pizza for dinner on Sunday. The last one is NOT minor, but our options were too limited on the way home.

I did not workout the entire weekend, but did dance the night away on Saturday at the wedding. When I dance, I dance straight for hours and I dance HARD. I am a dancer so I LOVE to tear it up. I am usually grossly sweaty half way through the night.

I’m not going to lie to myself. I should get a big spanking for the way I handled the weekend as compared to my goals.

I leave for Asia in 10 days, so I only have 10 days of these modern luxuries. I will be utilizing treadmills like a wild woman.

Getting back in the game,

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