Low Calorie Week: Day 1

I neglected on my grocery shopping and so was super low on food today…ugh

Breakfast of Champs
7 Jelly beans (11 cals) they were on the receptionist desk and I just did not resist…
1/4C Purely-O’sCascadian Farm organic cereal DRY
8 oz water

Snack – 1/4C purely-O’s
8 oz water

Lunch – turkey breast wrap, small tortilla, lettuce, mustard and avocado

Snack – 8 oz whole milk + 1 scoop optima protein (250 cals)
8 oz water

384 total calories before dinner…wow…and surprisingly not starving…work is busy…that helps.

Dinner – garlic wine chicken breast with squash and zucchini

CARDIO – 2 miles
4 sets hanging leg raises
2 sets hanging side raises
3 sets flat bench leg raises
3 sets Broom
2 sets Planks (30 sec each)
2 sets side planks
3 sets on swiss ball


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