Cycle Snobs beware!

I left work 7 minutes early to get to the gym in time to take a spinning class. I went early to the room, hopped on a bike and started spinning 15 minutes before start time (why not get some extra calories burned before the 1 hour trek, right?). Then as more and more people startined piling in, I noticed a few bikes here and there had purple squares on them…I discovered you have to sign up for the class!! so by the time the instructor passed by me to ask for MY slip, the class was already too full for me to join. darn.

Lemonade out of lemons…I did a fat burning session on the bike in the cardio area. fat burning session is where you push your body in intervals of intense speed or resistance to burn past the ready energy and into the stored fat.

I had a great ab session!! Even with my sore back…dont know why it is sore, but I may have to skip my run today because of it. my body has been achy and i think it might be the bad kind of achy.


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