I feel like a Tyson mom…

Yesterday I did a 15 ab workout to jumpstart my day. After work I pushed through a great 30 minute cardio blasting through the exercises (no rests).

Last night I realized that life is taking its toll on me. My dad suggested I write everything down that I do and start eliminating. “Something’s gotta give”, is what he said. I have no idea what I will cut, but I know I need to. I feel like I am giving 150% everywhere but only producing about 60%. So this morning I allowed myself to rest in bed for an extra 45 minutes instead of working out, since I will be working out later tonight anyway.

Breakfast was fatty…peanut butter toast. but I had no choice. The icey roads put me behind schedule so I had to eat at work…and that is all I had up there.

Tonight I will make sushi…or…maybe I’ll make lean firecracker burgers…hmmm…(I’ll decide based on the intensity of my workout begging high protein or not)


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