Day 22 – no more junk…seriously

Because of the craziness of our schedule and last minute things we have had to squeeze in between, my efforts towards eliminating “junk” was far from successful. I was able to avoid sweets and junk food at home, but I have eaten at chickfile a few times now and chipotle once or twice. I finally had to tell my husband that I needed his help. So no more Fudruckers for me for a while, no more chipotle, chick fil-e, pizza…Thankfully my husband is SO supportive.

Granola bars, organic chai, and a 1/2 cup of java was today’s morning menu. Too light of a food-set for my normal regimin, but given that I could not workout last week and I will not be able to workout for another 2 weeks, it is necessary to cut back (or keep it lean).


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