Day 8 – Minute Monday

Monday is the regular day off. I’m trying to keep my food lean today.

Woke up late so just grabbed a giant pear and banana to hold me over till I could make something.

Late breakfast was 1/4 avocado and tomatoes with greens and grilled chicken bundled in a wheat tortilla.

If I can just stick to the good eating habits I’ll be doing great. I think I am going to make a pact with myself. No junk for 30 days. With the exception of tasting my sister’s baked goods over Thanksgiving. She never bakes, so I definitely need to taste her concoction. I am sure it will be amazing, so I better limit myself (or chalk it off to “moral support” ^_^). I won’t even try my OWN pumpkin cheescake that I am going to bake. This is going to be fun. I love short term goals. 30 days is SO doable.

So no junk till day 38. I’ll be honest and post if I fail. This will keep me accountable.

I guess this means that this non-fat gingersnap latte I am sipping is the last of my lattes for a while. Good thing they accidentally made me a grande instead of the tall that I ordered ^_^. Better yet, why wait….gingersnap is going in the trash. *toss*

Lunch – shredded chicken with roasted red peppers, crushed peppercorns and grapes-all piled between 2 delicious 15-grain-bread slices, YUMM-AY!

Life rocks.



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