Day 4 – Off day

Tonight is date night! This is the weekly “off day”, so I like to keep my meals clean and lean.

Started breakfast late today
07:45 Protein shake (meal replacement quantitiy)
Black chai tea
12:45 Tuna, plain
03:00 Protein shake

Lunch time Pilates – Did a 15 minute pilates core workout. so refreshing!

Tonight’s festivities…I will practice the piano, go out with the husband for some grub and good laughs, then probably more piano and laundry to finish off the night. I love my life.

Has anyone heard of “Green Miracle”? I don’t buy into its “miraculous healing power”, but the contents of the powder are actually beneficial for women. It has a lot of great ingredients that keep your metabolism at a healthy rate (and boost it) (ginko, green tea) as well as some extracts that are great for your blood (like bromelain, a pineapple extract). Other extracts in there are not scientifically proven, but experientially I have seen the added benefits of these elements when taken individually. My sister in law told me about the powder (she swears by it) and after reading its contents I may try it too, since it contains elements I already like for well-being. I’m not one of those all natural fanatics, but I like what green tea, bromelain, arnica montana, and vitamin C do for me, so I may try out the “Green Miracle” ^_^


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