The Turning Point

Today I realized I have no excuse. Sure, celebrities make their living out of having great bodies for the camera, but they have crazy lives too. Today marks the first day of my viscious trek to the best physical fitness of my life.

I am the VP of a firm that handles investments for retirement savings. I am newly married, I mentor 3 highschool girls every Monday night, I play in an orchestra, I help my mom clean her house every other week, I cook every night (except date night), I am a facebook junkie, I watch anime with my husband, and I love skateboarding, learning new instruments and languages (currently working on cello, flute, and Japanese). Sometimes I wonder how I will make it. Sometimes the load gets too heavy and break down. I get overwhelmed and I over commit, but my husband is always there to pick me up, or to remind me to slow down periodically. God uses my husband to keep me sane. So here it goes. My busy life will now take on one more challenge. I am so ready for this.

This journey is dedicated to my husband and every woman out there who doesn’t know if its possible.


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